Vinyl Replacement Window Showcase by FHI Windows.

Know What You're Getting
At FHI Windows, we believe you need to know how a product is designed and what options will benefit you the most in order to make the best decision on selecting the right window for your home. That's why we created the window showcase. Below, you will find all the information you need to select the best replacement windows that solve all of the needs you require from a new window. Click the images or follow the links for more info on individual products and let us know if you need help. Or, just submit a Request for Estimate and a sales representative will come right to your door.


Double Hung Vinyl Replacement Windows

Double Hung Windows With Superior Strength
Superior Strength With Long-Lasting Air Tight Seals Plus Unmatched Integrity Features

Reduce Energy Cost With FHI Windows
Insulated And Double Foam Filled To Reduce Heating & Cooling Cost and Energy Efficient Standards

Features and Benefits of DH Replacement Windows
Double Hung Vinyl Replacement Window With Four-Point Fusion Welded Frames and Sashes

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Slider Vinyl Replacement Windows

Slider Windows Offer Smooth Operations With A Contemporary Style
Engineered For Effortless Operation With Triple Wall Vinyl Hand Rails That Assure Easy Sash Operation.

Slider Vinyl Replacement Windows With Security In Mind
Recessed Locks Provide Peace Of Mind While Security Night Locks, Exceed the AAMA Requirements

Lockable Window Screens Keep Out What Should Stay Out
Sleek, clean lines of the Slider Vinyl Replacement Window offers a functional window design.

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Casement Vinyl Replacement Windows

Casement Windows Clean Easily From Inside Your Home
Safely And Easily Clean The Outside Of Your Windows From Inside Of Your Home

Unique Mullion System Is Perfect For Sunrooms
Integral Mullion System Lets You Create A Wall Of Windows For Large Viewing Areas

Get The Tightest Seal Available With The Most Generous Ventilation
Casement Style Windows Offer The Tightest Seal Available And Provide Generous Ventilation By Design

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Bow & Bay Vinyl Replacement Windows

Bay Window Designs That Hide Exterior Wood
Eliminate Unsightly Exposed Exterior Wood With Over-The-Edge Style Window Designs

Bay & Bow Windows With Hand Sanded Birch Veneer
Factory Hand Sanding Allows Your To Paint Or Stain The Birch Veneer Surround To Match Your Needs

Get Amazing Appeal While Saving On Energy Costs
Bay & Bow Replacement Windows Are Breathtaking Energy Efficient Focal Points That Enhance Appeal

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